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Green & Energy

Research Center of Energy, Conservation for New Generation of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Sectors
Wei-Mon Yan

This research center focuses on the following four key technologies, including innovative energy-saving equipment technology, industrial energy-saving technology, advanced energy management technology, and nearly Zero-Energy Building energy-saving technology.

In the future, we will give priority to energy-saving technology to solve the power gap in Taiwan as well as the safety and stability of power generation; and assist in the transformation of industrial innovation and take root in technology; finally, in line with the Southern Policy of Taiwanese goverment, the technology will be exported to Southeast Asia and India.

Research Center of Energy Saving Technology for Residential –Commercial Building and Transportation
Liang-Han Chien

From 2018 to 2020, undertaking the “Talent Cultivation for the Integration and Application of Clean Energy Systems'' from the MOE, National Taipei University of Technology established the "Research Center of Energy Saving Technology for Residential –Commercial Building and Transportation". In addition to providing space for the base, we combines the professional research teams of the Department of Architecture, Energy and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Vehicle Engineering, Electrical Engineering and other exceptional departments to implement solar panel erection and layout planning and solar power monitoring. Through the rich research results of various departments and industry cooperation experience, the existing research equipment has the ability to integrate solar energy systems for energy creation, energy storage, energy saving, and power management, and continue to use resources to cultivate energy related Industrial talents.

Electrical Energy Center
Yew-Khoy Chuah

Electrical Energy Center was established in 2004 with the purpose of developing energy-saving and carbon-reducing technology and energy industry into a wide area of mechanical and electrical engineering, integrating the research and development resources of the school, and expanding the research and service fields to machinery, energy, refrigeration and air conditioning, and construction equipment, and fire safety refuge, etc.

Emission Reduction and Energy Conservation Center
Wen-Shing Lee

The goal of Emission Reduction and Energy Conservation Center is to integrate the school’s mechanical and electrical, energy, and construction expertise to provide system testing and energy conservation diagnosis, and use the most professional technical guidelines to conduct energy management for high-energy-consuming construction and transportation industries. Also, we are keen to supply new energy and innovative technologies for trial-run to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

Center for Cleaning Technology Research
Shih-Cheng Hu

An Introduction to the Center for Cleanroom Technology Research (CCTR) at Taipei Tech. The CCTR is a leading research group which mainly focuses on developing new technology and improving the performance of cleanroom and high-tech facility for semiconductor industry in Taiwan.The center was formed in 2005 and is led by Professor Shih-Cheng Hu within the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT/ Taipei Tech). Over the years of expansion, in 2018,the center became one of the seven university-level research centers in Taipei Tech. Through basic and applied research, the center’s topics focus on all contamination challenges related to semiconductor manufacturing environments which includes the following: heating, ventilation & air-conditioning (HVAC) of cleanroom system, air quality in cleanrooms, particle filtration, airborne molecular contaminations (AMCs) control, micro-contamination in wafer/mask handling system (FOUP, EUV Pod etc.), purge technology, mastery of cleanroom & detail designs and etc.