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Intelligent Control Lab
Leeh-Ter Yao

This research center mainly conducts research in four areas: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Control, Smart Grid and Energy Managements. Through the research process of science, education, and experiments, they produced robots which will provide valuable information when designing a new city. For example, Charging Rover brings energy to your EV and e-scooters. Policymakers around the world are taking progressive actions to remove gasoline cars from the street. With it, humans could tackle this thorny problem. The other one is an autonomous delivery robot called Campus Rover, delivering things without contact, which will make our life more convenient and more efficient.

Additive Manufacturing Center For Mass Customization Production
Che-Hua Yang

The Additive Manufacturing Center for Mass Customization Production mainly develops industrial productivity additive manufacturing (3D printing) techniques and provides complete production solutions to achieve the new type of mass customized mass production model. The center aims at research, development, and integration of manufacturing and production techniques and seeks for industrial cooperation opportunities.

Chicony & Taipei Tech Laboratory
Yen-Shin Lai

By utilizing industry-academic cooperation resources and equipment invested by the industry, the center cultivates ‘Know Why and Know How’ practical talents and give back to the subsidized industry, so that students can be trained before entering the workplace; on the other hand, the R&D results are handed over to the company for technical integration to create win-win results.

Software Development Research Center
Yu-Chin Cheng

The members of Software Development Research Center are composed of software engineering-related faculty of the Department of Information Engineering, who develop software engineering-related technologies and research, have strong software development capabilities and technologies, and have extensive experience in application software development. In addition, a comprehensive soft engineering program has been established. Good cooperation with teachers in other fields (such as communication technology), and a number of National Science Council and industry-university cooperation projects have also been completed.

Research Center of Vehicle Technology
Bo-Chiuan Chen

The center has been established in 2005. It is based on the research team of the Department of Vehicle Engineering, combined with related teachers from other departments, to carry out the research and development of core vehicle technology, using technology integration as the main means, and innovating, researching and improving industrial capabilities. Create a win-win situation for industry and academia.