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Environment & Sustainability

Water Environment Research Center
Jen-Yang Lin

The voice for improving the quality of life and living will inevitably increase in the future. How to do our best in this regard, play the role of a successful academic research institution, take on the role of educating the society, and assist the country in establishing a sound system in this field. Not only will it be an unchanging idea in the future, but also It is our responsibility and obligation.

Sustainable Environmental Control Center
Kuei-Peng Lee

The Sustainable Environment Control Center combines architecture and heat transfer to create a process and architectural space for low-temperature preservation and sustainable environment control with the aim of energy saving and sustainable environment.

Sustainability, Innovation and Assessment Center
Hsien-Lun Hu

Sustainability, Innovation and Assessment Center utilizes industry-university cooperation to reach the complementarity with research. To cultivate professionals in the environmental related field, we endeavor to assist businesses in the promotion of sustainable development, implementation of environmental management, and environmental and sustainability assessment projects.

Recycling oriented Environment Research Center
Tien-Chin Chang

This Center is based on engineering technologies and environmental management background to research innovative environmental technologies and management strategies. Also, we expect to promote environmental quality by using innovative technologies and strategies to achieve zero waste and searching and collecting information extensively and practical application to establish a recycling based environment. It is hoped that on the basis of industry-university cooperation and practical research, talents will be cultivated to become outstanding high-tech engineers in the field of recycling.