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Design & Humanities

Center of Woodwork Technology and Innovation
Jo-Han Chang

In 2014, National Taipei University of Technology established the "Center of Woodwork Technology and Innovation" in Fengyuan, which combines wood processing, woodworking machinery and lacquer art, the three industrial characteristics of Fengyuan closely .

Through this center, we expect that the wood art industry passes down handmade skills, takes root in industrial technology, and develops advanced technology, allowing the historic wood art industry chain in Fengyuan to revive Taiwan's wood art industry.

Woodworking Training Design Research Center
Tien-Li Chen

Over the past 30 years, National Taipei University of Technology has cultivated talents in the woodworking industry and upgraded international woodworking players to make a great number of operators in wood processing-related business and accumulate the resources of woodworking’s professional technology and innovative design.

In the light of this, we will cultivate professionals with traditional woodworking skills combined with modern technology to meet the current needs of domestic enterprises, regain the advantages of the lost woodworking industry and reappear on the world stage.

Innovativ Green Building-Materials Research and Promotion Center
Wen-Cheng Shao

Innovative Green Building-Materials Research and Promotion Center aims to promote the transformation of Taiwan's construction industry, develop smart buildings and apply ecological, renewable and high-performance green building materials, achieve innovative green health technologies, and enhance the sustainability of Taiwan's cities and buildings.

We Collaborate with industries, governments and institutions to develop new high-performance green building materials and promote the characteristics of green building materials and the concept of sustainable living environment. We also assist the industry to promote the establishment of national standards and international green product verification standards, integrate resources of the department, improve professional teaching, and cultivate talents related to cutting-edge technology of construction.