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Advanced Polymer and Nanotechnology Laboratory
Chi-Ching Kuo

Welcome to the Advanced Polymer and Nanotechnology Laboratory​​. We are a group of scientists with enthusiasm for research. This laboratory is dedicated to the development of perovskite optoelectronic components and functional polymers. Recently we have cooperation with many foreign research groups. International exchanges are also very active. At present, there are a total of three foreign students from France and India. Students in the master and doctoral classes also often go to the international front-end laboratory to exchange. Academically, the laboratory has stable and high-quality journal articles every year.

Precision Analysis and Material Research Center
Chung-Kuang Yang

In addition to providing teachers and students with new technologies, the Precision Analysis and Material Research Center also provides sophisticated analysis equipment and technologies required by the industry. The center will also establish a testing system and consulting service platform to make the school a good partner for domestic and foreign enterprises, providing technical services, and cultivating talents for analysis and research from all walks of life. It is hoped that students can use both hands and brains to inspire research spirit from practice, and once again create global competitiveness for Taiwan.

Research Center of EMO Materials and Nanotechnology
Sea-Fue Wang

The Research Center of EMO Materials and Nanotechnology was established to facilitate the Ministry of Education’s plan. We integrate the expertise of the school's faculty and equipment and other resources to assist the industry in the research and development of micron to nanometer optical, electrical, magnetic materials and new manufacturing processes. Through providing talent cultivation, employee’s training, promoting industry-academic cooperation, and enhancing the competitiveness of the industry, we achieve the goal of sustainable operation. Besides, through the opportunity of industry-university cooperation with the industry, students are trained to display their creativity and understand the trend of industrial technology development, and promote the full use of school resources, further strengthen the energy of industry-university research, so as to enhance the school's practical teaching and research results.

Structural and Material Engineering Maintenance Management Application Development Center
Li-Hsien Chen

When it comes to civil engineering, the repair of houses and roads, the dredging of rivers, and the maintenance of bridges are all important matters in our lives, which are the main direction of government governance and fund use, and it will also be the prerequisite to sustainable circulation of civil engineers in the future.

NTUT is located in the center of Taipei City with convenient transportation hubs. In particular, the civil engineering department (Structural and Material Engineering Maintenance Management Application Development Center) has a long history and rich experience in industry-university cooperation. A strong service team was built to provide various services related to the maintenance and management of public facilities in the industry. Improve the safety and efficiency of the use of public facilities with innovative research and upgrade industrial capabilities to take on new tasks after the adjustment and transformation of the civil engineering industry.

Research Center of Chemical Material Analysis Technology
Teh-Hua Tsai

In response to the trend of technology, NTUT integrates limited resources and the research framework in the field of engineering science and technology to build a bridge for industry-university cooperation. We investigate and research the chemical material's composition, physical properties, chemical properties, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, flame retardancy, corrosiveness, decomposition, separation, recycling and other chemical material analysis technology.

Research and Development Center for Smart Textile Technology
Syang-Peng Rwei

The Research and Development Center for Smart Textile Technology was established in November 2013. The purpose of the center is to convene domestic functional textiles, cloth film processing, textile dyeing and finishing materials, polymer film and composite processing, and waste water filtration industries to engage in joint research and development work to promote the sustainable development of Taiwan's coating-related industry and academia.