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Life & Health

Biomaterials Research Center
Hsu-Wei Fang

Our center integrates the research capabilities in materials, engineering, biotechnology, stem cells and medicine fields to incubate the potential technologies for clinical applications.

Research Center for Biomedical Industry
Kuo-Yuan Hwa

The main research topics are based on the business of the biomedical industry center, covering from pharmacogenomics, biomedical information, biomedical environmental protection materials, medical beauty and health care, to biomedical industry consultation. In addition to professional research, we also take up the responsibilities of scientists to society and focus on medicine and science education for aboriginals.

Taipei Tech-TMU Joint Research Center projram

In order to strengthen the close cooperation between Taipei Tech and Taipei Medical University in the fields of production, education, research and medicine, it is planned to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship to jointly cultivate talents in smart medical fields, promote the development of prototype products of R&D results, and accelerate the clinical testing of product technology and technology. Verify, provide regulatory consulting services, guide manufacturers to match and promote international marketing, and create a campus ecosystem for the upgrading of the biomedical industry. The establishment of this center will substantially expand the opportunities for researchers from the two universities to participate in cooperation, and expand the recruitment of high-level researchers to the R&D center, strengthen the research energy of advanced technology related to smart medical care, smart medical materials and smart medical electronics, and stimulate more academic research to be implemented. practical application in industry.