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2019 Industry Master Award - Yan-sheng Lai

Yan-sheng Lai


80 million output value driven by motor research

A component keeps the global industrial upgrade wheel constantly spinning. This component is the motor driver hidden in all kinds of machinery. There is a saying in the industry: "Motor drives the world, but motor drives drive motors." It shows that motor drives improve mechanical functions. The importance of.

Yan-sheng Lai , Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering Department of Taipei University of Technology, who won the 2nd National Industry-University Master Award, is one of the key figures in controlling the development of motor drives. After more than 30 years of teaching and research work, Yan-sheng Lai has always believed: "In the technical system, Academic research should be close to the needs of the industry, and the main orientation should be to solve industrial problems.” Spread out the map, Yan-sheng Lai cooperates with manufacturers in Taiwan, Japan, the United States, etc., including power electronics such as Chisun Energy, Teco Electric, Yongda Electromechanical, Shihlin Electric, etc. Dachang has brought more than 80 million yuan in industry-university cooperation benefits to Beijing University of Science and Technology in the past 10 years.

And behind this process of solving corporate problems, Yan-sheng Lai has accumulated nearly 50 motor drive and power converter control related invention patents in the past ten years, of which more than 30 have been proposed by the industry. In addition, Yan-sheng Lai ’s contribution to social development is to allow consumers to buy quieter, more energy-efficient, and more efficient inverter and power equipment. The secret is that he continues to help the industry improve the motor drive and power converter technology of related products. Created.

Parents work hard to cultivate and build a solid foundation

From a farmer in Chiayi to a university professor and a master of industry and academia, this process is not easy. Yan-sheng Lai ’s path to school was not smooth. Due to the current economic pressure, he always wanted to work quickly to make money, so it was Sanjin. Three times out of campus did he finally get his doctorate.

Speaking of studying, Yan-sheng Lai said that he thanked his parents for their cultivation. When he was a child, his family was poor. His parents used farming to grow sugarcane and rice to make a living. As a farmer, Yan-sheng Lai naturally had to pick up a hoe to help farming after school. Seeing that Yan-sheng Lai is a reading material, he has high expectations for him. Although his father never said to him personally, he often heard from others: "Your father think highly of you very much (In Taiwanese)."

His parents’ hope their children will have a bright future, so turned into practical actions. When Yan-sheng Lai was in the second grade of junior high school, his parents decided to spend a whole year’s sugarcane harvest money to help him transfer to a famous private junior high school in Tainan. Yan-sheng Lai recalled From this past episode, I can’t help but laugh and say: "Students go to study there, and they have to have very thick skins, because the "beating" there is famous. "

Sure enough, his parents’ vision was right. When he graduated from junior high school, Yan-sheng Lai was admitted to Tainan No. 1 High School and Taipei Institute of Technology at the same time. In order to quickly finish his studies and work to make money, he later chose to study electrical engineering at Taipei Institute of Technology. Shocking education, firstly, electrical machinery is a new field of knowledge, and secondly, the teacher has issued a list of original English books, all of which he can only learn by studying hard.

Step by step, after graduating from the fifth junior college, Yan-sheng Lai passed the college entrance examination and was transferred to the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Communications and the China Engineering Company of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Underneath his appearance, there is a heart that pursues change and challenge. "I feel that a life that is too stable is not in line with my personality. I want to make another breakthrough!" He laughed.

So he decided to go back to the campus for further studies, and moved to another major, to apply for the Institute of Electronic Engineering of Taiwan Institute of Technology (now Taiwan University of Science and Technology). Among them, he encountered two more difficulties. One was that five-year students had to directly challenge. To apply for the graduate school, the other is to switch from electrical engineering to electronic engineering. Even though there are many difficulties, Yan-sheng Lai relies on his strong will to overcome the difficulties and give full play to the pragmatic and fighting spirit of the farmers.

After obtaining a master’s degree, Yan-sheng Lai first returned to his alma mater Taipei Institute of Technology as a lecturer. Since then, he started his teaching and research. This is also the beginning of his career in power electronics. At that time, he was appointed to teach this course. Not only did the Chinese start his research interest, he also consciously lacked knowledge, so he decided to challenge again, and was admitted to Bristol University to study for a doctorate degree at Bristol University.

At that time, Yan-sheng Lai was 30 years old, was married, had two children, and his wife was still pregnant. Even so, he did not have the heart to retreat. He took the whole family on the plane and flew to the UK. He laughed and said: "At that time, we When a family of five members boarded the plane together, the flight attendants couldn’t help saying, “It reminds me of the way our parents took us to Taiwan back then.” Sure enough, their life in the UK was quite difficult. Fortunately, the advisory professor Prof. SR Bowes assisted in applying for the scholarship to tide over the difficulties.

Lay a solid academic spirit

During the course of studying, Yan-sheng Lai 's consistent concept was to pursue academic studies pragmatically. When he first studied at Taipei Institute of Technology, the intern teachers at the time, including Vice Dean Rong-jin Shen and Supermicro founder Jian-hou Liang , all attached great importance to the spirit of practicality. The intern teacher would also ask students to wind the induction motor by themselves. It is hoped that through hands-on practice, students will lay a solid academic foundation.

During his advanced studies in the UK, Yan-sheng Lai not only established his strength in power electronics research, but also won the Johns Hopkinson Award, the IEE Annual Best Paper Award of the British Journal. At the same time, he realized the importance of industry-university cooperation. When he walked into the University of Bristol, he saw that the school workshop was equipped with lathe equipment, and students had to learn to construct devices from scratch, which further consolidated his educational philosophy of "thinking and implementing equally", "so that students can know why (Know why), know how (know how to do)."

He remembered that there was a noise when he led the students to measure the motor control signal. The students didn’t care about it, but he didn’t miss any details. His intuition was abnormal, so he conducted more in-depth research and became famous internationally. Two important papers were published in the IEEE journal, "It can be seen that learning is everywhere, and the point is whether you can see what the real problem is?"

It only took three years to obtain a doctorate degree. Yan-sheng Lai never stopped. He immediately returned to teach at Beijing University of Science and Technology until now. Over the past 32 years, Yan-sheng Lai has created many excellent records: including he was the first teacher of the University of Science and Technology to win the Outstanding Research Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology; he was also the first domestic native in the field of motor control and power electronics, and was selected as the International Association for Electrical and Electronic Engineering. IEEE Fellow.

In addition to his personal achievements, Yan-sheng Lai has also brought abundant opportunities for industry-university cooperation to Beijing University of Science and Technology, and has established a master's program for power electronics industry for more than 10 years, cultivating more than 150 master's talents. In this regard, he also bluntly said: "My None of the students stayed in school as teachers, and they all contributed to the industry."

From the academic ivory tower to the industry, Yan-sheng Lai has solved countless industrial problems through continuous experimentation. It is definitely a model for teachers, students, schools, and industry to create a win-win situation.


Yan-sheng Lai


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